Auto Spare Parts World

auto_logo_sonAuto Spare Parts World Magazine that deals with automobile sector, especially focuses in spare parts area, is improving his experience in publishing science 2006, under the group of Aramedya.

Not only Auto Spare Parts World increases the quality of the automotive sector also contributes to the Turkey’s improving and developing industrial communication network, by bringing many companies in automotive sector together.

Auto Spare Parts World is a product of an experienced and well-informed team and published 3.000 nos monthly and distributed to main and lights industries of this sector freely. Auto Spare Parts World has created the expanding manufacturing and distributing network map of the sector and aiming to be an important guide for automotive light industry companies.

The English Edition of Auto Spare Parts World is also prepared for the international fairs and became a connection point and sector platform of all local and international automotive companies that are contributing to our country’s economy.

Auto Spare Parts World has improved the classical publishing mentality carried out in that sector until know how, also observes the economic and social indices out of the sector and give comments in terms of automotive sector.

Auto Spare Parts World with a rich content and strong advertisement capacity, will continue to represent you under the Aramedya organization in the coming years.

Commercial Vehicles World

commercial_logoThe first and only magazine with its scope content! Commercial Vehicles World Magazine continues its position as being the only magazine successfully, it has been published since 2006 in order to fulfill the need in that sector with the rapid growing up and begin an important part of the economy in terms of Turkish automotive sector of commercial vehicle segment.

Commercial Vehicles World Magazine is aiming to create a lasting and good quality reference pool regarding commercial vehicles used in transportation, industry, trade, construction and other economical branches and is prepared by an experienced and well-qualified team under the organization Aramedya.

Commercial Vehicles World Magazine which is published 3.000 nos monthly and distributed to all main and light industry regarding bus, minibus, truck, trailer, long vehicle, dorsal, panel van and light commercial vehicles. Compiles and interprets the financial and industrial indices regarding this sector by following the Turkish and world economy at the same time.

Commercial Vehicles World Magazine is aiming to strengthen the commercial communication of all exporting companies in the commercial vehicle segment in our country and at the same time supplying to improve the communication with international companies in that sector. As shortly, Commercial Vehicles World Magazine is the connection point of this sector and is the communication bridge which displays a view of sector in order to get the maximum benefit for your company.


agro_logoAgroWorld gives news from agricultural industry with expert opinions. The content of AgroWorld is about tractors and equipments, farm machinery, grain technologies, forestry equipment, irrigation technology, agricultural packaging and product technologies, etc.

AgroWorld is publishing at least 3.000 of circulation and publishes two-month period. AgroWorld is the first and unique magazine which is publishing in two languages, Turkish-English at agricultural sector. Magazine, as well as all the major and minor components of the sector will be delivered free of charge. AgroWorld promote the industry by participating in local and international fairs, exhibitions.

AgroWorld mediate agricultural sector in the process of integration with Europe and the world to reaching global markets. AgroWorld is the meeting point of agricultural trade and sector professionals.

Electric Vehicles Magazine

Aramedya International Publishing, which draws attention with its services in the field of sectoral publishing with its quality and specialized magazines, is now transferring its 25 years of expertise, experience, knowledge and global experience to a new publication; Electric Vehicles Magazine.

Electric Vehicles Magazine includes extensive research topics and news related to the main and sub-industries of electric cars, buses, light commercial vehicles, tractors, bicycles, van, pick-ups, trucks, lorries, tow trucks, forklifts and motorcycles. Updated daily, Electric Vehicles Magazine is being prepared in Turkish and English.

MotoWorld Magazine

With its 25 years experience in the automobile industry publishing, especially in commercial vehicles, auto spare parts and agricultural mechanization, Aramedya International Publishing, is now prearing a new and unique magazine in motorcycles lifestyle and motorcycles spare parts sector in Turkey, MotoWorld.

MotoWorld, which will be launched digitally in 2017, will be in front of its readers with a wide and rich content covering the main and sub-industry spare parts sector and end consumers in the field of motorcycles. With its content, design and approach, MotoWorld will be positioned in a different area than its competitors in a short time and will create a brand new platform and become a new handbook and professional guide in the field of motorcycle.

Broadcasting on digital platforms; website, social media accounts and weekly e-newsletters, which will start MotoWorld twice a year will be delivered to readers in print.

MotoWorld, which will attract attention with its diverse design and rich content, will create a new medium for motorcycle professionals and enthusiasts.