Aramedya International Publishing Agency was started in 2006 in Istanbul by Nurten Berberoğlu, who combined her over a quarter century of experiences in the automotive industry with a publishing company. Combining its long years of publishing experience with its young and dynamic staff, Aramedya manages the content, design, printing and distribution processes of magazines each of which is accepted as a reference in their field.

Aramedya prepares 5 different magazines that are completely unique in terms of concept, editorial structure and graphic design and published in Turkish and English.

Each of these magazines in categories for automobiles, commercial vehicles, agriculture machinery, electric vehicles and motorcycle industries are prepared and presented in a structure that determines their own agenda.

With a company motto like “the most active communication agency of the automotive industry”, Aramedya shares its experiences with you in all kinds of catalogs, brochures, in-house bulletins, business cards, bags, printed documents, and promotional film shooting. In addition to sectoral news publishing, it also conveys the comprehensive test drive impressions made on vehicles in all segments of the automotive industry, with the content it prepares both on the YouTube and printed magazines.

Aramedya continues to steer in the automotive sector with firm steps by improving itself in an impartial, objective and professional route.